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If you’re an entrepreneur, startup, or any growing business that seeks funding, then you’ve undoubtedly heard about the executive summary or as it's also known, the one-pager. But what are they exactly and how do we write them?

What is an executive summary

An executive summary or a one-pager is a brief of your business, it explains the pain that you are attempting to solve, your solution to it and also the background of the company.

Many investors or people with an interest in your operation will ask you for one so that they can have a quick overview and decide if it interests them enough to make the first connection. You can look at it as a movie trailer, if it contains the right information it will draw more people.

How to write an executive summary

This is what your executive summary must include:

  1. Your details

    • Company name
    • Our website
    • Company address
    • Company description
  2. The pain and the solution

    • Our pain - What is the problem you are trying to solve and why it's necessary to solve it.
    • Our solution - The solution to the problem, it’s important to be focused on what your solution is rather than the features of your product.
    • Our vision - Investors are approached by many entrepreneurs every week, explaining your core values and vision may help you stand out.
  3. The market

    • Our target audience - Who will be your first clients?
    • Size of the market - The size of the market you are targeting.
    • The industry (Gaming, health…)
    • Marketing channels (Social media, ads…)
  4. The business model

    • What is your business model - All revenue streams and how they work (E.g. Subscription plan)
    • Current revenue generation - How much are you earning currently.
    • 3 year prediction - What your financial status will be in 3 years is the most important information for your investors, they like to know where they put their money.
  5. The competition

    • Main competitors - Who are the companies that are currently holding your clients?
    • What makes us different - Don’t be focused on features but on general guidelines.
  6. The investment

    • What we need the investment for - Your investors want to make sure you know how to use their money, try to avoid over-budgeting marketing, all products will increase their sales with marketing, it’s not why you need their money.
    • How much we need
    • Major milestones so far - It’s important to show what you have achieved up until this point, it could make a big difference in the eyes of investors.
  7. Our team

    - A short list of the main team members in the organization along
    • Full name
    • Title (CEO/COO..)
    • Bio - Keep it short and sweet.
  8. Contact information

    - You don’t know who will receive this document so it’s important to leave the following contact details.
    • Full name
    • Title (CEO/COO..)
    • Email
    • Phone number

We have a lot of experience in the startup world and that is why we decided to share this article and create our very own free online executive summary generator that’s based on the guidelines we have written above so that you maximize your chance of success.

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