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Branded is a startup oriented company, our rich experience with startups and entrepreneurs has helped us develop a methodology to reach many startups and help them achieve success by following a guideline which has been proven to help them reach a net worth of millions of dollars in just a few months.

We bring you here our first episode of the Branded startup guide.

How to create a strong running Start-up?

Let’s begin with a basic understanding of what a Start-up is and how it is different from a Business.

There is not much that separates the two types of commerce. They are both trying to make money. The main goal of a Start-up is to scale up the profit, while a business intends to make the most profit quickly.

“The key to a strong startup is a strong business model“

How do we define if we are a Business or a Start-up?

To be honest, every successful Start-up is a combination of a strong business model with a willingness to expand its resources.

How can we create a strong business model?

We believe that in order to answer properly, we must follow a process of understanding our audience and the market.

We must investigate the consumers that will be using the app to determine if it is a B2B or a B2C. We will want to use a different methodology to understand the pain(?).

Notice that one of the recent trends is building a Marketplace. In this case you must focus on both the business side and the client side. They are both customers, even if not paying directly to you.

We may attest that we know all the parts of the puzzle, but the truth is, we might not have considered all parts. We must realize how many parts are involved in order to build a successful business.

To ensure this, we are first trying to implement our strategy into a business canvas model (see below).

We suggest you to fill up the “Canvas Business Model” with each product cycle in order to keep track of your performance and as well as your client’s trends.

Filling the canvas is a necessary step in order to follow all of the chains in the business model of your start-up.

If for any reason you cannot successfully fill in the blanks, then we may want to perform a “Pivot” in order to get back on track and figure out exactly the path you are intending to take.

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